Winter Battery Care Tips from Toyota of Muncie

January 18th, 2018 by

Winters in Muncie, IN, can be unpredictable. That is exactly why it’s important to have a properly functioning battery. At Toyota of Muncie, we can help you avoid any unwelcome battery surprises that leave you stranded during the cold months. Get started with these tips and stop by for your next battery check at our Toyota dealership near Anderson.

Taking the right steps to keep your battery in good condition is one very important step toward winterizing your Toyota vehicle. Here are a few tips to help you maintain a healthy battery throughout the season.

Check your battery: Ask our service professionals to test your battery. If there is anything wrong with it, beyond just needing a charge, our team can help you replace a malfunctioning part, or the entire battery.
Find the right battery for the season: Some batteries may perform best during the winter months. If you have questions about the right genuine Toyota battery for your vehicle, ask our technicians for guidance.
Keep jumper cables on hand: In the event something does go awry with your battery, be prepared with jumper cables. Even if you never need them, it’s better to be prepared when snow and cold temperatures are in the mix.
Take preventative measures: Take care to turn off any possible source of drain on your battery, such as leaving internal lights or the heat on. Also, if possible, shield your car from frigid temps by parking it in a garage or enclosed area.
Do you need more tips and tricks for a healthy battery this winter? Don’t wait another moment. Schedule your next Toyota service appointment today! The associates at our Toyota Muncie dealership will help you ready your battery and your vehicle for a safe winter season.

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