Toyota Dashboard Warning Lights Explained

October 10th, 2017 by

Nearly everybody who has ever owned a car has experienced a dashboard warning light turn on and not know what it means. When you’re driving to work in Muncie, IN, the last thing you want to worry about all day is an issue with your vehicle. Modern Toyota cars are packed with a wide variety of different warning lights, and we know that it can be difficult to understand what each one of them means. Here at our Toyota dealership in Muncie, IN, our service team is here to help decode what some of the most common indicators stand for.

Check engine light: The check engine light is one of the most dreaded warning lights because it could mean a variety of different things. The only way to really tell the issue is by getting a diagnosis scan by a professional scan tool at our Toyota service center.

Door ajar: A picture of a car with the two front doors opens indicates that one of your vehicle’s doors is slightly ajar. If your vehicle is left in this condition overnight, it could drain your battery, so it’s important to always keep your doors closed.

Airbag fault: A warning light with a photo of a deployed airbag indicates that the vehicle has found a fault with the airbag system and the computer has set a code. Like the check engine light, this must be diagnosed by a professional scan tool at our service center.

Washer fluid reminder: An icon showing a windshield tells you that your washer fluid is low and that you need to refill it.

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