Less Gas, Better Performance with These Fuel-Saving Tips

June 21st, 2018 by

Less gas, better performance. We all want it, especially during summertime when most of us drive more than any other season. So whether you’re driving more for your kids’ summer activities or you’re hitting the road for vacation, take these tips from Toyota of Muncie to heart.

After several straight months with the windows rolled tight almost every day, summer is the time to roll them down and keep them down. This will keep your vehicle cool while saving fuel. The only exception is when you’re on the highway, when every open window adds to your car’s aerodynamic drag and hampers its fuel economy – in some cases by more than 10%.
We can all agree that the Toyota family of hybrid models is a world-beater in terms of fuel efficiency. And with regular service, you can assure yourself of top fuel economy all summer long. This means getting your oil changed promptly, having your tires rotated every 6,000 miles, having your coolant inspected, replacing your oil/air filter on a timely basis, and more. A Toyota car that’s well-serviced will never disappoint on the mileage front.
Cruise control
Our Toyota dealership serving Marion, IN is a big believer in cruise control. We recommend using it whenever possible, especially on the highway. When you’re about to hit a long stretch of road on your way to a vacation hotspot, engage your car’s cruise control and reap the superb gas mileage that follows.
Air conditioning
Whether your vehicle of choice is a burly Toyota Tundra or a svelte Toyota Corolla near Anderson, IN, one thing’s for certain: running the AC too often will put a dent in your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Moderate between AC, fan, and windows, and you’ll avoid a 20% hit to your gas mileage.
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