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The Efficiency Tradition Continues; the 2015 Toyota Prius

Exciting news to report here today as the brand new, 2015 versions of the iconic Toyota Prius are arriving now on our lots, and we have a video here for you that shows why the model has become such a legendary one over the past decade.

Yes indeed, it may seem hard to believe but the first Prius models hit the road over 15 years ago. For 2015, the model has been updated in some…

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Drivers Rave About the 2014 Toyota RAV4

We're not in the mind set of discussing sales figures, but it's warranted at certain times. As you know the crossover SUV segment is immensely popular and only expanding its reach. As a result, the Toyota RAV4 experienced a record-setting sales month in August as the crossover displayed a sales gain of over 24% from the previous year.

That's great but how does it affect you? Good question. Well, its rising popularity?

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Drivers are Going Green in a Toyota Prius

You're not just getting a new car when you first take the wheel of your Toyota Prius. You're also joining a movement that's growing in numbers by the day. The "green car" movement is rapidly expanding as drivers are becoming more aware of the impact cars have on the environment. Of course, the Prius' capability, comfort and tech-forward features certainly don't hurt matters, either.

When you're discussing the hybrid, it…

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Get Your Swagger Back with the Toyota Sienna

It only takes one comment to crush your self-esteem and send you into a mid-life crisis: "Mom/Dad you're not cool".  How could that be? How could you have fallen so far?

However, thanks to the new Toyota Sienna, you can get your swagger back. The latest commercial redefines everything we once knew about the stereotypical "soccer mom car" and introduces us to the 2015 Sienna or rather, the "swagger wagon".

It doesn't…

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Go Off-Road this Summer in a Toyota FJ Cruiser

There is a lot to celebrate as our city of Muncie celebrates its 150th birthday, and here at Toyota & Scion of Muncie we're rolling out our favorite 2014 models we want to share with you.

We are really excited about our inventory of 2014 Toyota FJ Cruisers. While you may consider something like a convertible to be the perfect summer car, we're ready to debate that with you, and our key argument is…

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The 2015 Sienna SE Drives to YouTube Stardom

In 2011, the Sienna SE found huge success with the "Swagger Wagon" rap video. With the 2015 model soon making its public debut, Toyota has premiered its first out of a series of videos, showcasing even more minivan swagger.

The new videos star YouTube sensation, Action Movie Kid and use special effects to get us hyped about the new technology the 2015 model has to offer. Two new, cool features designed with moms and dads…

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The Toyota RAV4 is a Stellar Family Hauler

Whether it's the confident design, stellar fuel economy, or wealth of interior space, there are plenty of reasons to get on board the 2014 Toyota RAV4. This popular model has been stylishly refined for the current model year, and its sense of utility and comfort is greater than ever before!

One of the parts of the RAV4 we've always loved the most is how it functions not just as a family vehicle, but…

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Build just about anything with the help of the 2014 Toyota Tundra

Just last month we talked about how versatile the 2014 Toyota Tundra is with its ability to build whatever it is that comes to mind. Today we wanted to explore the truck's potential further, and bring you some real life examples of the projects it can help accomplish.

To demonstrate this, Toyota invited two innovators to utilize the truck for their projects. Take a look at the video we've shared below to see…

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Taking some Time with the 2014 Toyota Sienna

If you are a mom or dad with more than two kids then chances are you have considered buying a minivan. Here at Toyota Scion of Muncie we are determined to let the haters keep hating, and just ignore them, because we love the Toyota Sienna.

This fantastic minivan is honestly the perfect solution for your family transportation needs. This model sits at the confluence of space, power, efficiency, and utility. Under the hood the…

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